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Over the Counter Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

If a guy finds it hard to gain and keep an erection which is hard enough to enjoy sex, he is likely to be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Though ED can’t be diagnosed just because a man encounters few occurrences of erectile difficulties, rather it is diagnosed when the sufferer’s symptoms become apparent. Luckily for you, there are over the counter remedies for getting rid of this problem. They are as follows:

1. Consult your medical doctor to verify the problem. At times, this condition may be a short-term one. That is if you are undergoing huge amount of stress or having a medicine that affects your sexual libido. In this case, you need to cut down on stress or change your medicine.

2. If your medical doctor diagnoses that you are suffering from ED, you can attempt oral medicine. A few of them are levitra, wild dragon, Viagra and cialis. They are believed to be the most popular drugs used for fixing ED. It is solely usable by prescription. It contains phosphodiesterase inhibitors which will enable you to gain an erection in reaction to stimulation.

3. You can have needle-injection treatment with the aid of alprostadil. It is an artificial endocrine which is shot into the base of the penis to generate an erection in the space of five minutes. Your erection will stay for an hour when you utilize this therapy.

4. Utilize a muse to solve erectile dysfunction problem. It involves the use of a disposable applier to insert alprostadil into the inner base of your penis. It looks like a suppository substance which is lesser than the grain of rice.

5. You may want to use testosterone replacing treatment to get rid of erectile dysfunction. You need to be aware that it is just a few amounts of guys who are impacted by low testosterone levels, so it usually does not work for all persons.

6. The use of a penis pump is also an option. It is a suction tool which is used to absorb air out and push blood into the penis to create an erection. A cock ring is utilized to keep the erection so you can enjoy sexual intercourse. The cock ring should be removed before 30 minutes because it could damage the penile tissues if left after 30 minutes.

7. Surgery should be the last resort if all the methods available for treating erectile dysfunction fails for you. Vascular operation will unfreeze the flow of blood to the penis so that natural erections can take place. Penile implantation consists of the placement of an inflatable element to generate an erection.

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