Treatment for Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

I have talked some of the self-treatment for erectile dysfunction below. You should follow them to get rid of your erectile problems.

1. Smoking of cigarette is not just dangerous to your health, but your penis too. Nicotine is a pressor, this implies that it constricts the vessels of the blood resulting to the decrement of the flow of blood to the right tissues. The phallus is a vascular organ. To make you better understand this, an erection takes place as a result of the inflow of blood to the vas and smooth muscles of the phallus. If the vas is narrowed, you will not have adequate amount of blood to gain an erection. The essential thing you should always bear in mind is that nicotine is a foe to erection. If you want to be free from erectile dysfunction, then you should quit smoking right now.

2. Research has proven that too much cholesterin in the system can result to erectile dysfunction. This is true because of the vascular properties of the phallus I have just explained earlier on. When the vessels of your body are choked with plaque from cholesterine, the vessels to your phallus will be impacted too. Try to consume low fat foods, low cholestrerol foods when you begin to encounter problems with erection. Cholesterol is seen in every animal product you consume, so when you keep off from eating meat, milk, eggs, cheese and the rest of other animal products, it will aid to make your cholesterol to be in its lowest level. Try to consume balanced diets which has adequate amount of veggies and fruits to help you gain erection.

3. Energy drinks, caffeine and tea contain risqué ingredients which can narrow smooth muscle. Bear in mind that the contraction of your smooth muscle and blood vessel is not beneficial to someone who wants to gain an erection. In order for an erection to be generated, there is need for the smooth muscle of your phallus to be distended and an excitant can hinder it.

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